1st Incident Reporting

Improving the design for both the supervisors & the field workers.

1St Incident Reporting App Redesign Hero Mockup

About the App

1st Incident is a cloud-based incident reporting app & web software for an efficient solution to save all your reports online, instead of reporting on paper. It's a tool that makes it easy to document the activity and generate actionable reports of field events.

The Challenge

The company behind 1st Incident Reporting, Emappetizer, came to me with a few problems they were having: the app was hard to use, difficult to understand for first-time users, complicated and hard to navigate. They needed a designer to give them a push on the user interface look, UX, and branding.

He is very easy to work with and can quickly grasp the vision of a project presented to him and execute with a creative and professional touch.
Bond Seidel , CMT at emAPPetizer
App Landing Page Design & Development for Startup based in Montreal. Web Designer did UI and UX

The Project Scope

As the UI & UX guru designer/consultant for this project, I started the project by doing a detailed breakdown of their app. From branding, app store mockups, I looked at everything associated with the app, so that sooner or later, we could improve on it and make it be helpful to its success. This app redesign project ended up being a completely new SASS software rewrite.

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