About the UI
& UX designer, Mateo Stabio.

I’m a versatile web designer based in Montreal. I have over 7 years’ experience helping clients and businesses tell their brand stories with compelling, striking visuals, I’ve worked in areas including print design, UI/UX design, front-end development, SEO, social media, and so much more.

I’m always looking to expand my knowledge and grow my skills as a designer. I challenge myself to think outside the box and explore different mediums and digital trends. I never want my work to feel repetitive or generic and I manage that by constantly seeking out new inspiration.

My goal is to make the web a better place through design, motion and code.

— Mateo Stabio

Work Experience

  • Freelance Graphic & Web Designer

    2012 — Present

    When I first started out my career, I focused mostly on graphic design and some coding. I also took on some illustrating, photography, and video work here and there. But, after many years working on freelance projects for various clients from a diverse collection of industries, a lot of this has changed. These days, I’m working mostly on web design, front-end development, some motion graphic projects, with more photography and video work coming my way as well.

  • Amilia

    2018 — Present

    Working at Amilia has made me think differently of big companies, I started off as part of an awesome 100-person team and felt like an instrumental part of the company’s overall success. As Lead Web Designer & Graphic Designer, I am in charge of anything and everything visual in the Marketing department. For the website design and development, I integrated with Craft CMS to give the entire marketing team the tools they need to take control over the content. Constantly adding onto it and curating it year over year. In my years at Amilia, I've been on awesome projects like Branding & Website for SmartRec™, The Rebrand of Amilia, and the New Amilia Website, just to name a few. If any filming, editing or photography is needed, I'm usually the guy for that too. I also won 1st place twice, at our company-wide innovation day.

  • Rank Media Agency

    2017 — 2018

    As a Graphic & Web Designer, I worked mostly on website designs, custom WordPress development & Shopify sites, I also did the filming, animating and editing videos if needed and created a lot of the marketing materials for their clients such as animated google ads & social media posts. I worked on cool projects such as Ritz Carlton Residences, Uniden, Siyata Mobile, InvoiceSherpa & CredoBags.

  • Webmovement

    2014 — 2017

    Webmovement was a great knowledge base in my career. As a Graphic Designer & Front-End Developer, I got to work on a lot of cool projects such as Presti Homes, Eden Condos, Italmoda and many more. But I must say that I learned a lot about web development at Webmovement. Working side by side with a Full Stack Developer taught me quite a lot. Here is where I started learning Javascript, PHP, Wordpress, Shopify & OpenCart.


  • Publication Design & Hypermedia Technology

    2010 – 2013

    I learned a lot about everything related to graphic design, print design, web design, illustration, motion graphics during my time at John Abbott College. Some of the key skills I learned included how to use various Adobe software tools and how to code HTML sites, which is what really got my attention. The latter pushed me to become a front-end developer and web designer by trade. Now, it's what I do every day and I love it.

  • Methods

    2010 – Current

    I pride myself on being a mostly self-taught web designer and front-end developer. Whether it’s reading books and online articles or taking the time to watch tutorials on new methodologies, education is an ongoing process for me and something I do every day. If I don’t know something, I learn it. If I see a problem, I find a solution.

Software & Tools

  • Experience in Sketch software


    For my web and UI design projects, I use Sketch. Photoshop was my previous go-to, but Sketch has become my main UI design software of choice - it really is the best interface design tool out there.

  • Experience in InVision software


    For prototyping my design projects, I use InVision. This really helps my clients, as I’m able to create a prototype to show them and get their feedback on a current iteration before I put anything into final production.

  • Experience in Illustrator software


    For any projects involving vector graphics, I use Illustrator to turn client ideas into a vibrant reality. It also gives me the flexibility I need to edit graphics that will be appearing on everything from web pages to business cards to banners.

  • Experience in Photoshop software


    For photo editing and retouching, I’m still rocking Adobe’s flagship software. In combination with other programs like Lightroom, I hold all my photography work to a very high standard and deliver an exceptional final product.

  • Experience in Premiere & After Effects software

    Premiere & After Effects

    For all my video post-production needs, I use Adobe’s Premiere Pro and After Effects Combo. Use both of these programs allows me to deliver beautiful promotional videos with seamless motion graphics integration.

  • Experience in InDesign software


    For work related to print design or desktop publishing, InDesign is my program of choice. It works perfectly for print materials like booklets, magazines and much more.

Web & Code

  • <HTML>

    HTML is a language that is used everywhere but isn't much all by itself. It's simply tags you wrap content with to create page layouts and structures. It's plain, boring and ugly; no color, no design, but I make sure to use proper html tags to better the sites' SEO also make sure to deliver valid HTML code.

  • .SCSS

    SCSS is the big brother of CSS, it’s what HTML needs to be a beautiful web page. I use SCSS to create reusable, modular code to style web pages in a way that makes them easy to update in the future. CSS is the one behind making my look and feel so amazing. Like my site? I worked really hard on the CSS.

  • JS()

    JaveScript is one awesome language that makes so much possible. I use JavaScript on my sites to add a lot of functionality. Want a popup?.. or a cool slide out form like mine?.. or some image slider? How about a auto-hiding navigation? Most of these things require a little bit of JS to function(). See what I did there? ;)

  • Twig <PHP?>

    I use PHP code within my HTML tags, to create page templates that make websites dynamic from custom coded sites or content management systems such as Craft CMS, Drupal, WordPress and more. Twig is a template engine for PHP, that replaces all the dirty PHP and makes everything so nice and clean and simply makes life fun for front-end developers :)

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